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Key points

  • Any partnership or contract should correspond with your organisation's core aims and objectives.
  • Partnerships and contracts involve a commitment of organisational resources and staff time, and you must be confident that your organisation can sustain this.
  • Do your research to ensure that there is some common ground between your organisation and prospective partners.
  • If considering a contract or service-level agreement, negotiate! Don't undervalue your organisation and what it can provide.
  • Networking with other organisations can give you a greater voice and expertise in dealing with potential partners and contractors.
  • Remember the invisible costs of providing your service. Take account of overheads and core costs.
  • Don't sign a contract unless you are sure that your organisation can meet all of its obligations.


  • Keep up to date with local authority funding priorities and policies.
  • Work out written partnership agreements.
  • Get legal advice before entering agreements.
  • Evaluate and monitor procedures.
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