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The four subject areas

How long does it take to work through each section?

This is up to you. There are some elements that just involve reading (overview, case studies, essentials, and in more depth), and there are also activities that are intended to take additional time which may be away from the computer.

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What are the links on the right-hand side of the screen in each subject area?

  • Introduction lists the different sections in the subject.
  • Overview gives a broad introduction to the main issues in the subject area. Some overviews contain video clips from the vm1+2 television programmes.
  • Case studies gives accounts of real user experiences. You can view the individual case studies directly by selecting the links in the right-hand menu.
  • In more depth expands on the overview, taking you deeper into the subject area.
  • Activities gives suggestions of how to explore the issues further in a group or training setting (see What do I do with the activities?).
  • Essentials takes you to a brief summary of the subject with key points and a checklist.
  • Glossary defines the key terms that have been used in the section.
  • Resources lists useful weblinks and publications (see How do I use the resources?).

N.B. Some of the subject areas do not feature all the above sections.

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Do I have to work through the subjects areas and elements in each subject in order?

No, you are free to navigate the site and subject areas as you please. However, the order of the elements within each subject area has a coherence and each element has useful suggestions for what to do next. You don't, however, have to follow this order to be able to understand the issues.

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Why do the colours of the links change when I've selected them?

This means that you are able to see which options you have already visited.

On some Internet browsers, the next time you visit the site, the links that you chose on the previous visit will still be a different colour. The only way to change this is through the 'history' option in your browser (usually found in 'preferences'), which may give you the option to reset the colour or clear past links. Each browser is different so please use the 'help' function on your browser to check what to do.

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How can I print pages from the site?

It's easy to print pages. You just have to select the print option in your browser.

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